Remarkable Landscape Architects

Ken Smith

Ken Smith is a landscape architect who has worked on a wide variety ofnational and international projects, in both private and public practice.His background and training is in landscape architecture and the fine arts.In twenty years of practice he has participated in many team endeavorsand worked with a wide range of consultants and groups. His interestsinclude landscape design of varying scale with a particular emphasis onprojects, which explore the symbolic content and expressive power oflandscape as an art form. He is committed to creating landscapes,especially parks and other public spaces, with vision and meaning as away of improving the quality of urban life.Ken Smith is licensed to practice in New York, California and other states,and has lectured and been published widely. Educated at Iowa StateUniversity and Harvard University Graduate School of Design, his practiceis based in New York City. He is active as an educator and serves as aVisiting Lecturer at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Hisbreadth of experience, understanding of landscape issues and capacityto undertake complex problems and difficult sites qualify him for a widevariety and scale of projects.

Santa Fe Railyard Park

Moma Roof Garden

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