Spain_Madrid_Parque Juan Calros l

Photographs by minju in 2009

This park, which covers an area of over 4000m2, has been one of the most far-reaching urban projects undertaken by Madrid.

According to ,the park is structured sound basic concept of the circle as a geometric figure. Its layout consists of a distributice ring which corresponds to the three kilometres of paths which run through the park. This circulation ring is not dealt with in a uniform way as its plants and the colour of its surfacing changes, symbolising the four seasons of the year.

It was one of the most dilapidated and disfigured city limits for Madrid. But when i visited the park, it was fabulous with great weather.

If there were no large-scale sculptures, it was so boring. Sixteen artists have placed their works in different zones of the park. The landmarks make park attractive.


Making an etching

it was first time to make etching. One of my friends told me, students can learn printing without tuition. A woman who is on of in charge was so kind.

there are so many material and stuffs to make one etching. when i finished my work, l almost forgot several stuffs.

so I found a video to recur on the memory.

It was good opportunity to think about other works apart from landscape.

maybe nextime, I can use etching in my work.


I'm interested in pop-up books. It is so clever!!!