Kew garden

Photographs by minju in 2009

It was really freezing day. I heard that the kew garden is so beatiful. but I couldn't concentrate on view. Anyway, there were well maintained garden aprt from the Marine Display in the basement of the Palm House. it was good though, compared with others not attractive.

Kew tree walk was so amazing. According to<http://www.marksbarfield.com/index.php>
The walkway takes visitors 18m high into the tree canopies for a birds-eye view of Kew, providing insights into the special role of trees in our breathing planet and the intimate views of a deciduous woodland and its inhabitants from within the tranquillity of the leaves.
In conjunction with the Walkway, an underground ‘Rhizotron’ exhibition space is attached which explores various themes associated with tree root biology, climate change and the relationship between tree roots and microorganisms. Its appearance is inspired by a natural cracking within the earth to reveal a dark and dynamic space rich with exciting and educational content.
I could see view of kew garden on the tree walk.

and folliwing the slope, I could see the world of worms.


The saatchi gallery

The Saatchi Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK.



When i visited London Wetland Centre in Barnes, I couldn't believe that fact, which is the WWT in London. I think, this area is quiet expensive, if it was private area. Because, if Korea has same situation such as big area in Seoul, maybe they choose to built new building or apartment.
of course, I know Korean and Britain have different situation.
Anyway, I like their thinking.
most of all, I was happy to see many of the native birds.



Designers Saturday returns

on Friday 26th September

and Saturday 27th September

2008 in central London.


First Sights

Photographs by minju in 2009