Hillier Nurseries

It was good opportunity to visit nurseries, I actually don't know about palnting, tree and so on. They introduced their area, plans and trees. One of the interested tree was this one- I can't remember the name. It seemed like metal. I've never seen before like this tree.

They keep trying to make new trees shape and study for better trees. I think, that is main reason they've taken the biscuit.

Photographs by minju in 2009




Glasgow_The Lighthouse

Before visiting the lighthouse, I had got big expectation. Because I thought the lighthouse is the representative of Glasgow design. of course, the building was so attractive as architectural and the fabulous view which can see top of the building. But most of floors was used by offices or closed. There was only 2 or 3 rooms opened. They seemed like that concentrate of selling books and designers's works. I was so disappointed!

Glasgow_Kelvingrove art gallery and museum

Photographs by minju in 2009
Kelvingrove art gallery and museum was built by attractive red block. Hanging faces were impressive. The faces are so realistic so I used to take on facial expression.
When walking the corridor, I could hear singing. End of the sound, a boy who wore school uniform sang a song. It seemed like the museum took a role not only galley but community for people.