Spain_Madrid_Plaza de Santo Domingo

End of the Calle Cuesta de santo domingo, which is quite steep slope, there is Plaza de Santo Domingo. The plaze is middle of Sol and Opera, which is centre of centre in madrid.

The plaza is tiered into two large horizontal terraces. It means separation from the building that follow the topographical slope around its perimeter.

Soutern side, there is a ramp that sinds between the square and the buidings, giving access to the doorways. Some steps and a long ramp lead to plaza.

it is playground for children.

The second tier is at the same level as the halfway point of the ramp which start the southern end of the square. it shows both terraces are in contact.

On the northern side, the separation is made by the cuesta de santo Domingo. It has eight parallel rectangular parterres amongst which trees and shrubs. As main material is stone and wood, it make me feeling united.

The eastern side at the level, the other three sides are held up by retaining walls with ramps and stairs to negotiate the different levels.

One of the big different between london and Madrid, that is hill.
the topographical slope was quite interested. but the irregular topography of involve, which complicated to the disable and the old.
Photographs by minju in 2009

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